The Cotton Fellas Story


People find each other in various ways. Onur and Samil are cousins but met at the age of 16. Throughout their childhood and early adolescent years, they did not know much about each other because they lived in different countries.

Onur grew up in Istanbul—one of the largest and vibrant metropolises in the world. Samil, to say it in the words of John F. Kennedy, is a true Berliner.

Their common passion for the beach life brought Onur and Samil closer together. They just love the beach... Both sun lovers traveled around the world and visited the nicest beaches on earth. Their traveling experiences and passion for adventurous beach places have led to the naming of the beach towels.

Ever since Onur and Samil met, their friendship stimulated many creative ideas. Finally a simple of a full-filled life has given way for the creation of a classy product. Consequently, 2016 marked the journey of the brand name Cotton Fellas!

Onur Atahan


Samil Bas


Cotton Fellas Beach Towels

The mission of Cotton Fellas is to create high quality and natural products. Every single product is handpicked and is presented to after a rigorous process of quality control. We wanted to create an extraordinary, everyday product which you can enjoy after multiple usages.

The multi-purpose towels offered on our site are traditional and authentic products from Turkey dating back centuries. Incredibly soft and light, our towels are fast absorbent and antibacterial to bring quick drying and pleasure at home or during your travels.

Through our modern designs and contemporary patterns, these traditional products turn heads to real eye-catching moments.



Beach Towel Creativity
We have combined all of our creative backgrounds to produce a wonderful product made of natural materials and fibers. Our designs are carefully selected by our Cotton Fellas team and influenced by impressions from all over the world.




Beach Towel Community
A safe and thriving environment is very important to us. We are therefore supporting various projects for a more sustainable society. Become part of the #befella movement and stay informed about our upcoming charity events and opportunities to be involved!




Beach Towel Quality
We are using a holistic approach to create highest quality products that will last you many sidereal years throughout your travels. Every product is handpicked and made out of natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials.